Making Positive Change with a New Brand!

Hey you. Yeah. You! Do you wish you were living your best life but wonder, “What the heck does that even mean?’ Are you leading yourself or a team through a change and find yourself whispering, “wtf” daily? Are you struggling to decide which direction to go (right, left, up, down…..restart?)

In short, are you ready to make positive change?

Jenny Stevens is a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC) turned personal and professional coach. She helps both individuals and professionals identify what needs to change and then a plan and the support to make it happen.

Her background in clinical counseling allows me to address any scenario with empathy and professionalism while my services as a coach allow me to be direct, honest, even humorous (you have to laugh about it sometimes).

Jenny worked with BrandStage to CHANGE her brand and create a new website (coming soon!) that told her story. She also got support to:

  • Identify her target audience
  • Transition her business form counseling to coaching
  • Launch a new social media platform and strategy

If you are looking to launch or transition your business or brand, contact

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