New Brand! Don Thompson Acupuncture

On Point with His New Brand! Don Thompson, DAC LAC, is an acupuncturist with over 20 years of experience. He is the owner of Abingdon Acupuncture n Abingdon, Virginia. He specializes in chronic health conditions that have been hard to treat with traditional medicine such as Macular Degeneration, Diabetes, TMJ,…

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New Brand Launch: Jenny Stevens Coach

Making Positive Change with a New Brand! Hey you. Yeah. You! Do you wish you were living your best life but wonder, “What the heck does that even mean?’ Are you leading yourself or a team through a change and find yourself whispering, “wtf” daily? Are you struggling to decide…

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The Difference Between Marketing & Branding

Marketing Vs Branding Thumbs, Fingers…..Fingers, Thumbs Marketing and branding are related concepts but they have distinct differences. Marketing refers to the activities a company undertakes to promote and sell its products or services. It involves strategies and tactics to reach and engage with potential customers, such as advertising, public relations,…

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New Brand Launch: Birt Law

Family Attorney Shifts Focus and Brand Image. Birt Family Law out of Chicago is the family centered law and mediation practice with a focus on restorative divorce; offering creative and supportive legal and mediation solutions with one goal: keeping the separating family out of court and working together towards a…

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To Change or Not to Change Your Business Name

The Pros & Cons of a Business Name Change

Thinking about changing your business name? There are some important things to think about before you do! A Bloomberg News report noted that of those companies changing their names, 52 % changed because of mergers or acquisitions and about 44 % wanted to better define themselves. The PROS or the…

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